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Karim Orange, aka That Girl Orange, is a nationally known natural cosmetics expert, celebrity personal care products artist and two-time Emmy Award nominee. Karim’s work has graced the faces of countless stars in television, music, movies and theater.  However, what makes Karim Orange a unique force in the cosmetics arena is her role as a sustainable/clean make-up activist. Hailed by ELLE magazine as a "Green Star," she has also earned a substantial following for her Huffington Post lifestyle blog, and her work for Organic Spa Magazine.

The'Low'Beauty Makeup Artist 

My clients are always amazed by how I’m able to transform them with such a little amount of makeup. I do this by practicing a holistic approach to artistry, that I have coined as ‘Low Beauty’.
— Karim Orange

'Low' Beauty and 'Low' Beauty Makeup Artistry incorporate three holistic elements to achieve maximum results

Step 1



Step 2


  • 'Low'Beauty makeup artistry uses the least amount of products (and steps), on a woman's face to get maximum results. I also incorporates techniques such as facial yoga, massage, and micro-currents to stimulate a woman's natural glow before I start a 'Low' Beauty Makeup Artistry session.

Step 3


  • 'Low'Beauty uses products that have a minimal amount of carbon footprints, in their production and packaging, helping to maintain the integrity of the earth. 

Glow Strong

I have teamed-up with Vapour Organic Beauty to bring you the Inner Orange Collection, in two versions.  The collections feature colors that reflect warmth and vibrancy. Vapour and I share an ethos, and the Crave and Spark Collections embody our belief that every woman can glow strong when living true to herself and keeping her self-care routines clean and natural.



The Crave Collection

Late nights, slow walks home in the warm rain, moody jazz you can feel in your soul, dancing your heart out with your best friends- that’s your vibe. Whether you’re sipping sangria at the VIP bar or working it at Barre, The Inner Orange Crave collection complements your charisma. Contour, highlight, and glow using Aura, Solar, and Elixir on cheeks, lips, and lids.

Curated of vibrant corals and rich browns, Crave glows best on medium to deep complexions. Each product is crafted from 70 percent organic ingredients resulting in luxury makeup that is gorgeous, naturally.


The Spark Collection

Sunny days, Bikram Yoga after work, laughing ‘til you cry, singing in the shower, and trips down memory lane make you glow. From sunrise to sunset, you’re look is flawless and free, much like The Inner Orange Spark Collection. Contour, highlight, and glow using Aura, Solar, and Elixir on cheeks, lips, and lids.

Curated of sweet peach hues and glistening gold, Spark glows best on light to medium complexions. Each and every Inner Orange collection is 70 percent ingredient and of the earth resulting in luxury makeup that is gorgeous, naturally.



The Crave Collection


The Spark Collection